"For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God." Hebrews 11:10 NIV

Goal of Urban Restoration

The goal of Urban Restoration is to solve three distinct problems:

  • Rebuild the neighborhoods suffering from the blight of foreclosed houses.
  • Provide a much-needed source of income for the churches in those neighborhoods.
  • Provide education on responsible living, creating sustainable living practices (addressing financial and housekeeping issues) to prevent the houses from facing the same problem in the future.

Basis for the project

Since the financial crises of the late 2000s, many homes in challenged neighborhoods have been abandoned and foreclosed. This has left many cities often times owning thousands of homes, and many banks owning even more, contributing not only to a financial strain on a city in terms of lost tax revenue, but also a strain on the neighborhoods because of the condition and abundance of these abandoned houses.

As these foreclosed houses continue to deteriorate in appearance, it leads to a general decline in the neighborhoods, further affecting property values, the desirability of living in those neighborhoods, and general community pride. These foreclosures not only have a real financial impact on the community, but also an emotional one for the people who live there.

Churches in these communities also suffer financially during these declines. They are impacted because of people leaving the community; therefore, their resources are also stretched as they attempt to address the ever-increasing needs of those that remain.

Here are a few articles that speak to one city's recognition of the problem and the need to do something about it:

Milwaukee News Articles Reinforce Goals of Restore Milwaukee 

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service: Three more neighborhoods eligible for city loans under TIN program

Urban Milwaukee: Stealth Investors Target City's Foreclosed Homes

We see a simple and elegant solution

First, we consider all the stakeholders:  The City, the community Churches, and the people who desire to live responsibly and want to stay in the community.

Many financial institutions possess many avenues to obtain abandoned and foreclosed properties at either vastly discounted prices or donated to Heartland Christian Advisors, Inc., or our church or other 501(c)3 partners.

Heartland's Responsibilities

Heartland United Housing Solutions will be responsible for the renovation of the properties, both financially and in terms of project management.

Heartland United Housing Solutions and the church teams have significant relationships and experience in construction due to the many churches and Christian community centers they have built.

Risk Control

While the mission of this project is non-profit in spirit, Heartland United Housing Solutions must be responsible with both loaned dollars as well as dollars donated to the project.

Heartland United Housing Solutions must approve each project on an individual basis. THCA/Urban Restoration will maximize the productivity of the construction resources, and engage in a project with the complete support of the community church. The ministry aspect of this program in the community, we believe, is critical for the long-term health of THCA/Urban Restoration.

For more information on how you can become a Lending Partner to help with the mission of Urban Restoration, contact Heartland HERE

Key Links

Urban Restoration Manager:

J. WILLIAM GAILBREATH - Founder and CEO/Chairman of The Heartland Christian Companies.

In 1997, Bill started the first of what would become The Heartland Christian Companies in Madison, Wisconsin. Frustrated by the fact that churches and church organizations had very little to offer businessmen when it came to serving our Lord, he felt that there had to be a way for God to use the talents so many of his peers possessed. He put together a dozen Christian businessmen from around the state to see if God might find a ministry or two for them. Well, not only did God have a ministry, but he led these men and many others to an adventure of a lifetime. From their meager beginnings, Heartland Christian has become a national player in the Christian world by developing businesses to help conquer the many problems that seem to be a constant in the daily running of the business-side of the church. With 139 inner-city church clients in Milwaukee alone, Heartland no longer wonders if God had a plan for them and their ministries.

Gailbreath has been an entrepreneur all of his business life prior to starting Heartland. After owning several apartment complexes in DeKalb, Illinois, he started his own property management company, never knowing how beneficial that experience would be. In 1983, he began the first chain of senior citizens newspapers in America. After the 39th publication, he sold the company in 1988 and retired for 3 months. Bill bought several other businesses, including 3 cemeteries and a funeral home. He then started a consulting company before God called in 1997. Bill has been married for 47 years to Marlene and has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Bill has served on many boards including The Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries.

CYNTHIA S. KLUG - President

Cindy's professional experience includes 27 years with the law firm of Godfrey, Leibsle, Blackbourn & Howarth, S.C., where she served as Administrator and Executive Assistant to the firm's President, a prominent Wisconsin real estate specialist. Cindy's desire to follow her faith and pursue a vocation in the Christian business world led her to a position as Executive Administrator with Great Lakes Church Planting, a Christian organization that successfully planted 43 churches in the Midwest, predominantly in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is at Great Lakes Church Planting where she met and joined forces with Bill Gailbreath in the entrepreneurial work of the Heartland Christian Companies. In addition to having served as an administrator in her home church for over six years, Cindy has been instrumental as a consultant to churches throughout the country in the area of business administration, human resources, and benefits management and is a licensed Life and Property/Casualty insurance producer. Cindy has served in various civic and professional organizations and, having actively served in the mission field, both nationally and internationally, she has a heart for the Church and a passion to see it healthy and prospering. In her spare time, Cindy continues to serve in her own church and loves spending time with her three adult children and grandchildren.

TRAVIS E. LANDRY, Project Manager

Travis, a life-long Milwaukee resident, has varied and extensive experience in the construction and rehabbing arena, having served as a general contractor and real estate broker for more than 10 years. He possesses strong project management skills that include defining scope of work, cost estimating, bid solicitation, sub-contractor selection and supervision, daily project management, and contract administration. In addition, Travis has first-hand knowledge of plumbing and electrical codes, blueprint reading, licenses and permits, occupancy requirements, safety management, and compliance with all state, federal and local safety laws and regulations. Travis's experience and proven track record with the City of Milwaukee where he has been involved in many home rehabs and other construction projects have proven him to be a valuable asset to the Heartland team. When Travis isn't busy with his construction and project management responsibilities, he spends his spare time with his teenage daughter and enjoys being an avid fan as she participates in various sports. Travis also spends much of his time volunteering at his home church where he serves in various capacities and is a valued assistant to his pastor.

Urban Restoration Advisory Board


Jettie Cornett was born in Conway, AR and raised in Gary, IN. He accepted the Lord as his personal savior at the early age of nine. At the age of twelve, he accepted his calling to an evangelism ministry. This ministry took him across the country, eventually bringing him to Racine in 1961, where he united with the 12th Street C.O.G.I.C. under the leadership of the late Bishop W.L. Morris. 
In 1971, through the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit, the late Bishop Louis H. Ford appointed Elder Cornett pastor of Grace Temple C.O.G.I.C., following the home going of Bishop Morris.

Elder Cornett is inspired to preach the Word of God and is concerned about the holistic development of the body of Christ. In addition to pastoring Greater Grace Temple, he has serviced as State Evangelist of the Southeastern Wisconsin Jurisdiction, and has serviced on numerous boards and committees in the city of Racine and across the country. He also serves as Pastor of St. Luke's Miracle Temple C.O.G.I.C. in Rockford, IL.

Pastor Cornett is a self-taught contractor and master builder. He built homes, buildings and churches throughout the Racine and Milwaukee area. Greater Grace Temple stands as a testimony of his craftsmanship, faith, and vision, which God has given him.

DR. KEN MOBERG - Author and Pastor

Ken Moberg is a graduate of Wheaton College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (MDiv, DMin). He is a veteran of the 101st Airborne Division (US Army). Ken is the founding pastor of Highland Community Church (EFCA) of Wausau, Wisconsin, where he served for 16 years before becoming Superintendent of the Forest Lakes District of the Evangelical Free Church of America, a post he served for nine years before returning to Highland as Executive Pastor. He and his wife Tina have two grown daughters and five grandchildren.


Professional Experience
September 1978 - present. Attorney-at-Law with numerous law firms with varied responsibilities including: preparation and trial of personal injury matters for both plaintiffs and defendants; preparation and trial of plaintiff's personal injury matters; national litigation management, coordination, and trial of product liability matters; development of strategies involving all aspects of case evaluation, preparation, and trial; lead trial counsel in complex and catastrophic personal injury matters and commercial litigation issues; management of all legal issues, contracts, agreements, risk management and regulatory issues; investment and operational opportunities; and representation of a number of manufacturers in product liability matters; successful handling and resolution of matters in state and federal courts in 38 different states.


Frank was born into a large Christian family. His father was an Ohio Pentecostal minister with strict standards, and encouraged his children to serve the Lord, always "toe the line", and work hard to excel in everything they did. As a result, all five boys and five girls of the family have acquired college degrees/backgrounds, and one is a Ph.D. and professor at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. As first-born son of the family, Frank also followed his father's mandates, completing an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio University, followed by a law degree from the University of Michigan. Frank has worked his entire career within Corporate America in engineering and legal roles; he is currently practicing intellectual property with a law firm in downtown Chicago.
Frank is married, and he and his wife Linda reside in Kenosha, Wisconsin. They have two grown children and 4 grandchildren. Frank has always loved music, and is currently the principal organist/keyboardist at his church in Racine, Wisconsin.

As an attorney, from 1978 through present, Frank has experience in all phases of IP practice, including domestic and international patent and trademark prosecution, opposition practice, negotiating and drafting business agreements, and interfacing with cross-functional teams on product development. 

Frank's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University, Athens, and a Masters in Public Policy and Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is an active member of the State Bar of Colorado, State Bar of Michigan, and Registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

ARNOLD "ARN" J. QUAKKELAAR - CEO and Founder of BASICS in Milwaukee, Inc. and GENESIS in Milwaukee, Inc.

Arn attended Calvin College and earned a B.S. Degree in Engineering Physics and Mathematics. His professional career began in 1955 with Johnson Controls where he served for 25 years and was the company's first application engineer and National Engineering and Installation Manager. He then worked with Allen Bradley/Rockwell International as International Vice President of The Global Technical Support Division. His team established 91 technical centers located in 28 countries. Arn was married in 1959 and raised five sons with his wife, Norma. In his home church, Arn has served as Deacon, Elder and Chairman of the Council of Elders and Project Chairman for building a 3,200-seat sanctuary. Arn felt a call into fulltime ministry and in 1996 he spent a year on the streets of Milwaukee, meeting and talking with hundreds of people. He experienced firsthand the dreadful conditions in the city and it was during this time that Arn visited with community leaders, organizations, pastors, deacons, gang leaders and Christians, building relationships in preparation for the work God had for him to do in the city. In 1997, Arn started BASICS (Brothers And Sisters In Christ Serving) in Milwaukee, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization ministering to the underserved in the inner city of Milwaukee. BASICS has worked with over 400 churches and ministries throughout Milwaukee. Arn also founded GENESIS in Milwaukee, Inc., a Prison Re-Entry Ministry, now serving hundreds of "Returning Citizens" to assist them in recovery.

Urban Restoration

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